people who tag themselves as 100% hetero or otaku or sth and then go around complaining because they were called names
could you grow the fuck up please

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  1. i’ve been a geeky motherfucker ever since i started breathing i swear to god
  2. i have a blood condition heyyyyy
  3. i have environmental allergies to many things, such as: aromo (a tree from my country), larch, weeds (not pot just bad plant you know), pollen, feathers (duck, chicken and goose), dust in it’s many forms and horse epithelium. Those aren’t big allergies tho, it’s not like i even have an allergic reaction if i’m exposed, not even a little bit, but if i am exposed for too long then it could be really bad for me in the future because i could end up with asthma~~~
  4. i have 5 posters in my room: two LoZ one, a dog with a rose, the Beatles and this really gay pic from free!
  5. i need glasses (i wouldn’t if my parents had paid attention to me ahahahah) and they are red and fabulous
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Pets and Tumblr photoset

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i should probably study now lol
bye fuckers

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i cant choose which ones better
sei would be the one to wake aoba up and he would try to be as gentle as possible because hes so happy that hes finally with his brother and wants to take care of him to make up all those years and then when aoba finally wakes up he would smile and then pout cause why would sei poke his face?? wow rude

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"And in that moment….I swear….there were big-ass trees," 

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